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The OSF Preferred Vendor Program is an assembly of industry experts committed to NPO fitness and wellness offering their expertise with links to programming ideas, special discounts, education and training, product information, DVD demos and tips, newsletters and overall help with the array of programming and equipment that will enhance your membership programs.

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Updated 4/23/2014


AquaJogger manufactures, markets, and develops water exercise equipment for the aqua aerobics, sports training, and aquatic rehabilitation markets.

AquaJogger prides itself on bringing to market products of high utility and durability, so our customers can improve their health and quality of life.

We are the only manufacturer that produces multiple buoyancy belts for different body types providing maximum comfort for kids and adults. Facilities invest in our product line because it lasts longer under heavy usage leveraging their budget dollars. AquaJogger offers a full range of water fitness products for all programming needs. Please contact by phone or visit our website, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Non-Profit Contact: Steve Bergstrom (800) 922-9544
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Water Running Guide
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Sprint Aquatics
Sprint Aquatics started with the first small swim goggle in the USA in 1972.  From the first Lycra bathing suit to the printed swim caps, we have been a leader in the aquatic marketplace for swimmers.  The Fitness and Health aquatic field has grown with a greater speed everyday.  The Medical people are turning to the aqua field to support a healthier lifestyle for all.  With 30 minutes of exercise equalling 2 hours of land exercise plus water also improves the mind, aquatic exercise is the only choice.
Look to us for quality and a better price in kickboards, goggles, aerobic equipment, aqua shoes, swim suits, personal needs, pool storage equipment, pool islands, toys and games.  We are the first choice.

Non-Profit Contact: (800) 235-2156
About Us:
Since 1972
Competitive Swimming
Aquatic Therapy
Water Aerobics
Toys & Games
Storage & Islands
Swim Teaching
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Educational Products:
Videos, DVD’s, CD’s & Books
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Extractor Corporation
Keep the Pool out of Your Locker Room

Pool water damages your locker room one swimmer at a time. Wet, dripping swimsuits harm facilities by rusting metal lockers, delaminating wood finishes, and ruining carpets and furniture with mold and mildew.

SUITMATE uses an exclusive high-speed spin process to pull out water and make a wet suit drip-free in seconds, without heat.

SUITMATE, Swimsuit Water Extractor removes 95% of a swimsuit water!

Contact: (800) 553-3353
115V/60Hz Unit: Pricing & Delivery
Unit Downloads (PDFs):
230V/50Hz Unit: Pricing & Delivery
Unit Downloads (PDFs):
Quick & Convenient:
Parts & Service: Review
Exchange Program: Review

Audio & Sound

Click here to request a Supreme Audio Catalog. Contains the largest selection of audio equipment available for fitness & dance facilities. 

 Wireless Microphones, Amplifiers, Mixers & BroadcastVision Entertainment Systems
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Supreme Audio, the leading supplier of wireless microphones and fitness sound systems to the YMCAs around the world, features the largest selection of complete sound systems, sweat-proof and waterproof aquatic wireless microphones, variable speed pitch control CD players, variable speed pitch control tape decks, amplifiers, speakers, mixers, portable sound systems and SupremeFM Wireless Entertainment Systems for the Dance and Fitness industry.

Take advantage of our expertise in professional audio equipment exclusively for Fitness & Dance Instruction. A "sound environment" in your YM-YWCA or JCC will help increase your member satisfaction!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! is very simple - we want you to be satisfied with anything you buy from us and accordingly offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Offering the reliability of a family-run business. Since 1975...Our experience makes the difference.

We're also the worldwide "Exclusive Recommended Audio Vendor" for Powerhouse Gym
, Gold's Gym & World Gym.

Non-Profit Contact: Jane Plaugher (800) 445-7398
Customer Comments
Featured Products:
SupremeProAudio SPA-664 “The Breeze” Combo Wireless Headset
SupremeProAudio SPA-600 Wireless Microphone System
SupremeFM Wireless Entertainment Systems
Navigator Portable Sound System
Multicolor Microphone Foam Windscreens
SupremeProAudio SPA-155 Headset Microphone

Cardio & Strength

Precor_In-Club_Row-of-EFX-885#2 Precor_In-Club_Row-of-AMT-885 Precor_In-Club_Row-of-RBK-885#3
At Precor we are moved by healthy communities.  It takes careful planning and well-balanced variety to appeal to your wide range of member’s ages and interests. We can help you create a fitness facility that will delight all of your members.
We build high-quality fitness equipment that’s reliable and easy to use, inviting and innovative. We have extensive experience working with non-profit facilities and we share your commitment to making health and fitness accessible and enjoyable.
For nearly three decades Precor has driven fitness forward, as the originator of the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®) and the breakthrough Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®). 
A perfect example of our commitment to introducing the latest technology is our new Experience Series™ 880 line. The touchscreen console and simple, intuitive interface draws users deeper into their workouts. Our multi-language options further engage the international element of today’s communities.
We continue that heritage every day by advancing what’s possible in design innovation, member experience and service – all so people keep coming back and moving forward.
Website: English
Website: Spanish
Phone: (800) 786-8404
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Certification & Training

fitour_logo_2013 pastedGraphic
FiTOUR - Health, Fitness and Performance Education
FiTOUR® provides Nationally Accredited and Recognized Fitness Certifications for Fitness Professionals around the world. All FiTOUR® Certifications can be via in home study course or attending a live FiTOUR® Certification.

What makes
FiTOUR® a leader in the industry?
• FREE Study Material with all Certification Registrations
• Complimentary IDEA E-mail Membership
• Available in home or live formate
• Affordable Certification levels from Entry level to Advance
• One of a Kind Renewal program with $25 renewal fee
• Access to Discounted Liability Insurance

Certifications available: Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga, Kickboxing, Group Exercise, Boot Camp Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Core and Functional Training, Stability Ball, Step, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Nutrition, Aqua, and More.

FiTOUR FAQ: Customer Support
CEC Workshops: Find a Workshop
Host a Workshop: More
Customer Reviews: View
FiTOUR Master Trainers: Directory
FiTOUR Renewal Program: How To
Find a Certificate: Shop

Consultants & Trainers

Aqua Aerobics Unlimited
Aqua Aerobics Unlimited brings together the talents of Pauline Ivens, teacher and instructor trainer, and Larry Hudspeth, composer and musician. The primary focus of the business is to provide hands-on opportunities for water exercise instructors to learn the skills required to lead safe and effective water exercise classes. Pauline offers her extensive knowledge and teaching experience to all instructors who share the desire to provide a positive learning experience in the magical environment of water.

Non-Profit Contact: Pauline Ivens, MS (866) 737-7031
For Workshops, Certifications, Articles, Music & more:
Aqua Aerobics
Calendar of Events:

Michael Scott Scudder - Club Management Education & Training

Fitness Business Council - Fitness Business Radio is a fitness business site...and the creation of industry veteran Michael Scott Scudder

Our single purpose is to
help you help your business...within an online culture of independent thinking and results-based practices.  You have the right to financial security and peace of mind for your hard work.  We aim to provide you with maps of the fastest routes to increased business success! 

It may just be that we are the fastest-growing, most popular educational site in the health and fitness industry!  Already, through October, we have had over 2,500 clubs and fitness facilities register in our events...mostly free and some pay-per-view at appropriate tuition contributions.  All educational seminar contributions are declarable as business expenses on your tax forms.

Go to our web site's "Webinars" page for information and schedules.

Non-Profit Contact: Michael Scott Scudder (575) 751-1212

Continuing Education

The American Academy of Health and Fitness
provides education for successful aging across the gamut. Designed for the fitness industry are three in depth programs that provide advanced training and continuing education for personal trainers, athletic trainers and fitness professionals who are committed to conducting safe and effective programs.

JrFit™ offers well-researched information on physical conditioning and nutrition appropriate for youth (ages 7-15), whether sedentary and overweight, or fit and athletic.

Second Edition provides an understanding of how the aging process, identifies dietary changes that may be needed, and presents effective training strategies to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and optimal function in middle aged and older adults (ages 45-63+).

Move More, Eat Better – YOU Matter!™ based on The Mayo Clinic Plan,  is a "turnkey" course designed for the fitness/health professional to guide participants towards healthier living and, in turn, a happier, longer and more productive life.

And, a fourth AAHF program
, Functionally Fit™ utilizes a convenient on-line training series to teach certified nurse assistants to make functional strength part of the daily care plan of their patients. This is a unique approach that allows wellness and fitness to be a part of the entire continuum of care.

Phone number: (800) 957-7348
SrFit CEC (19 – 24 hours) Home Study Program:
SrFit Training
SrFit endorsements:
JrFit CEC (19 – 24 hours) Home Study Program:
JrFit Training
JrFit endorsements:
Move More, Eat Better - YOU Matter! More Info
Functionally Fit:
More Info
AAHF Mailing List:
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Physical Exercise & Aging:
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Core Training

Indo Board Balance Trainer
• The Indo Board Balance Trainers are simple, stable, and user friendly.
• Anyone can ride with a few basic instructions and something or someone to hold on to for support.
• The learning curve is 10 to 15 minutes for most, after that, Indoboarding becomes routinely easy and fun.

The Indo Board goal is to introduce a FUN and CHALLENGING way to exercise the bodies balance control systems. Even though balance is so easily taken for granted, human movement is dependent on balance and coordination. In this new age of fitness awareness, the notion of balance training IS essential, particularly in board sports and all physical activities utilizing the core muscles.

•Keeping the board from touching the ground for extended rides is both the goal and challenge.

Non-Profit Contact: Hunter Joslin (321) 777-6021
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Fitness Accessories

Fitness-First-LogoPasted Graphic 1Pasted Graphic 2activ3_0005_fitnessball.jpg
Fitness First
All of the exercise equipment offered in our catalog including exercise mats, balls, weights, water exercise products, jump ropes, resistance products, dumbbells, and much, much more are manufactured to withstand the heavy use seen in health spas, gyms, YMCA's, YWCA's, schools and medical facilities.
You can rest assured that whether you order here through our on-line catalog or through our printed catalog, you will receive quality service.

Non-Profit Contact: Customer Service (800) 421-1791
Aquatic Products: View
Water Aerobic Books and Videos:
View Products
Group Exercise Mats:
Jump Ropes:
Ropes & Racks
Sand Bells:
Training Aids:
Yoga & Pilates:
Group Exercise Mats:
Catalog Request:
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Power Systems
As the source for the industry’s largest line of sports and fitness accessory equipment, Power Systems provides products and services to meet the differences of every type of individual and organization.  Our sales and service teams are experienced specialists who understand your needs and are ready to assist you in all aspects of training or operating your sports/fitness business.

Non-Profit Contact: Customer Service (800) 321-6975
Educational Material: Videos, Books, Posters
Web Only Products:
Sale Items:
Sports Specific Training:
Fitness Assessment:
View Products
Health & Fitness:
Power Systems Fitness Blog:
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New Performance Products:
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Video Demos:

Seasonal Specials:
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All books and DVD’s 50% off (while supplies last)
$5,000 Ultimate Home Gym Giveaway
(3/11/14-5/31/14): Register
Power Systems 2014 Catalog:
20% off MuscleTrac
(offer expires midnight 4/26 ET) Shop

Fitness Amenities

A-1 Textiles
A-1 Textiles knows that one of the biggest monthly replacement items in all athletic clubs and athletic departments are “towels.” This item which can “walk” out the door or wear out quickly must first be manufactured to withstand the constant washing and bleaching and over drying it is subjected to. The end user wants the towel to be soft, white, and absorbent. The complete line of Golden Mills towels available from A-1 Textiles are manufactured to do just this. With six shipping points nationwide and an option from seven different levels of quality/price towel, A-1 Textiles has the perfect towel for your needs.

Non-Profit Contact: (800) 351-1819
Utility Towels: Choices
Pool Towels:
Meet Our A-1 Staff:
Distribution Warehouses:
View Map
Credit Application: Fill & Print
Track Your Order:
A-1 Textiles Named to Inc. Magazines INC 5000 List:
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A-1 Textiles News:
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Pasted Graphic
Zogics is a leading supplier of gym cleaning and sanitizing products, wholesale gym towels, commercial hand sanitizer, disinfectants, AEDs, first aid kits, hand dryers and other supplies to gyms and fitness centers throughout North American, including hundreds of YMCAs and JCCs. Contact us today to take 10% off your first order.

1 8 Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 2 Pasted Graphic 4 Untitled 6 Pasted Graphic 3

Non-Profit Contact: (888) 623-0088
Gym Equipment Wipes: Antibacterial Gym Wipes
Gym Wipes Dispensers: Gym Wipes Dispensers & Accessories
Wholesale Towels: Wholesale Towels
Workout & Gym Towels: Gym Towels
Wholesale Spa Products: Spa & Hospitality Products
Skincare & Body Care: Skincare & Body Care
Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers: Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol Based Gel Hand Sanitizers: Alcohol-Based Gel Hand Sanitizer
Janitorial & Cleaning: Commercial Cleaning Products
Surface Disinfectants: Healthcare Disinfectant
Natural Air Fresheners: Commercial Air Fresheners
Facility Equipment: Commercial Facilities Equipment
New Gym Starter Packs: Gym Cleaning Supplies Starter Kits
Automatic Hand Dryers: XLERATOR Hand Dryer
Safety & First Aid Supplies: Safety & First Aid Supplies
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED: Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator
Philips HeartStart Frx AED: Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator
First Aid Kits, Supplies & Refills: First Aid Kits & First Aid Supplies

Zogics on YouTube: ut
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Zogics Blog:
Fitness Center Cleaning Blog

Fitness Equipment Parts

We offer fitness equipment parts for Life Fitness, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Precor, Schwinn, Landice, group exercise, functional training, sports conditioning, mats, medicine balls, stability balls, health club step, resistance bands and many more.

Health clubs everywhere have come to depend on us for our unmatched speed of delivery, the unsurpassed quality of our parts, and the level of service we provide. Of course, our customers also appreciate that our prices are almost always 10 – 30% lower than they can find anywhere else. We're also a leading provider of innovative strength and personal training products – including group exercise, strength and functional training products.

Every person on our staff is factory-service trained by the finest names in fitness including StairMaster, Star Trac, Life Fitness, Quinton, Precor and Schwinn.

Non-Profit Contact: Denise Carr (800) 713-288
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Fitness Flooring Award Winner Best Flooring Supplier
Join hundreds of OnSite Fitness readers who have installed Fitness Flooring’s quality sports floors in their facilities. We carry flooring for virtually every room in your facility, including wood flooring systems, modular flooring systems, and rubber flooring. All of our products have been tested for safety and durability and this allows us to provide warranties that are among the longest in the industry. Ask us for some references or consult with other branches or centers in your surrounding area. We think that you’ll find that our floors are installed quickly and on time, and are built to last. Call today for a free consultation and ask us about special branch and center pricing.

Non-Profit Contact: Steve Chase (800) 428-5306
Company background:
Our history
Building Grants:
Preferred Vendor:
OSF editorial:Fitness_Flooring.pdf
Flooring Products:
Floors for Yoga & Group Exercise:
Bamboo Flooring
Flooring Blog:
Athletic & Sports Flooring:
Architectural Specifications
Product Guide:
Fitness Flooring on

Fitness Flooring on

Indoor Rowing

Concept2 got its start in 1976 in the back of a bread truck when Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, fresh from Olympic training, started making composite racing oars, now the oar of choice among the world's rowers. They went on to create the Concept2 Indoor Rower, now used worldwide by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients and every caliber of rower in between who have discovered that rowing is the best low-impact, full-body workout available!

Rowing works many muscle groups through wide a range of motion. Knees, hips, arms and shoulders will each see 90 - 130 degrees of rotation in every stroke. It’s this full-body muscle involvement that makes rowing a great calorie burner and helps users develop flexibility and strength. Rowing is impact-free, and the intensity is completely user-controlled. It offers superb cardiovascular exercise that is suitable for all ages.

Both the new Model E or the updated Model D Indoor Rowers come with extensive web-based programming and support for fitness facilities.  And Concept2 brings customers the latest trends in fitness: technology-based workouts that include everything from audio downloads to virtual rowing, and group rowing, instructor training and certification options.

Non-Profit Contact: Tracy Desrocher (877) 887-8467
Why Row:
Benefits of Rowing
Y Testimonials:
Rowing Stories
YMCA Programs:
The Y Community
Training Materials:
Request a Brochure
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U.S. & Canada
Join our Kids Program: Rowing for Kids
Rowing Workshops:
Calendar & Registration
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On Water
Concept2 Online Logbook:
Weekly Winners
Getting Started on the Indoor Rower:
View Video (1:06)
The Concept2 Slide:
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Proper Rowing Technique:
View Video (5:42)
Concept2’s SkiErg:
Info & Technique Video
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Concept2 Blog
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C2 Forum:

Interactive Fitness

Exergame Fitness USA
Exergame Fitness USA is the only source that combines the best in Virtual Interactive Fitness Entertainment. Your one-stop solution for products, training, programming, design layouts and know-how.

Exergame Fitness USA has been designing, manufacturing and distributing quality made products since 1998 and we started with a simple goal: “give people the ability and power to move”. This goal is reinforced throughout our product selections always keeping in mind that we want everyone to maintain an active lifestyle.

We use a team of fitness industry experts from various backgrounds to bring you the most effective and quality made products to fit your lifestyle.  After extensive evaluation and testing, only those products that have met the demands required in terms of quality, effectiveness and features will they be sold through Exergame Fitness USA.

Non-Profit Contact: Ed Kasanders (877) 668-4664
Interactive Fitness & Gaming:
Exergame Network Awards:
Free Workshops:
Interactive Fitness & Exergaming
Help Guides:
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Online Store:
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Join Our Mailing List:
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Playground Equipment

PS 350-0401_REN_B_web11 ZZXX0995_PIC_A_web09 LAWS-4R-SM_REN_B_WEB
Playworld Systems
Playworld Systems, a third-generation family-owned company headquartered in Lewisburg, Pa., has been a leader in imaginatively designed and customized commercial recreation and play equipment for 40 years. With the belief that The World Needs Play®, Playworld Systems creates equipment that brings the joy of play to people of every age through such innovative product lines as ENERGI™, LifeTrail® Advanced Wellness System, Playworld®, PlayDesigns®, NEOS®, and Origins™. Playworld Systems has invested significant resources to measurably reduce its carbon footprint, from eliminating PVCs to enhancing its waste management and recycling programs.

Non-Profit Sales & Support: (800) 233-8404
About Us: Overview
Find a Representative:
New Products: View
Outdoor electronic play systems for all ages, NEOS: neoslogo_sm
Outdoor advanced wellness system for older adults:
Outdoor total body system for ages 13 and up: energi-logo
Engineered for unlimited play and very limited budgets: PlaySimple_RGB
Natural Playground Equipment: Origins
Playspace Showcase:
Inclusive Play: Design Guide
Playworld Blog:
Electronic Catalogs:
View e-catalogs
Press Releases:
Playground Planning Guide 101:
Download PDF
Site Specifications:
Playground Equipment Grants:
Green Action:
Watch Video
Playworld Systems on
Playworld Systems on

Yoga Education & Training

YOGAFIT-web about_pic2
We are an education company dedicated to enhancing the lives of others with inspiration, integrity and truth -

Three Steps of Service

  • A warm and sincere greeting
  • Anticipation and fulfillment of each customer’s needs, a fond farewell
“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”

Service Values
  • I build strong relationships with customers
  • I am responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of customers
  • I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our customers
  • I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the YogaFit experience
  • I own and immediately resolve customer issues
  • I create a work environment of teamwork and lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met
  • I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow
  • I am involved in the planning of the work that affects me
  • I am proud of my professional appearance, language, and behavior
  • I protect the privacy and security of our guests, my fellow employees and the company’s confidential information and assets
  • I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident-free environment
Non-Profit Contact: (888) 786-3111
Teacher Training:
MBF Conferences:
Find an Instructor:
YogaFit Insurance:
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